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sponsorsOur 2015 Beautiful Yards Contest has come to a close, and we are thrilled to announce the winners!

First Prize: Brian Walley—407 Willowgrove Crescent SE

This yard is my urban oasis.   A quarter acre of perfect green lawns, huge trees, decks, and privacy. Ferns and cedar pathways remind me of B.C. rainforests.  A large Koi named Fred lives in the pond(only during the warm months) and there are grapes and raspberries  growing in the sunny back garden.  There’s Butterburr with 2 foot wide leaves near the pond and lots of contemplative nooks and corners to explore.  This yard is a wonderful, therapeutic ongoing process.” 

yard-lilly-img_0857yard-pond-img_2174 yard-img_2370 yard-grapes-img_0290yard-chairs-img_2171

Second Prize: Rob & Lorraine Kettle—10607 Willowwind Place SE

Nominated by Leslie Smith

Rob and Lorraine’s yard has front wonderful curb appeal and the backyard is equally beautiful. The front yard is planted with a beautiful mix of shrubs and grasses. The backyard has a continuous border planted with contrasting shrubs and perennials, and the lawn is lush. A splashing waterfall and pond are the focal point of the SW corner of the back yard. The back yard also contains vegetable boxes (interspersed with annuals) and a bee and butterfly garden in the NW corner. Even during September, this garden is going strong. Simply lovely.”



Third Prize: Yoko Strobl—711 Willamette Drive SE 

Nominated by Annetta Starratt

I love the fastidious work that Yoko has down to her property both front and back. Her groundcover sedums and saxifrages are so artistic. And she’s done it all by herself. The back yard attracts Wrens Robins and Chickadees, the best Judges of safe and serene refuges. Yoko planted her Annuals from seed, both vegetables and flowers.The colors in Spring, Summer and Fall are all gorgeous. It  is amazing what one little lady can accomplish.”



Honorable Mentions

Danielle H.

“Beautiful front yard landscaping and pots.”



Olga  Boykiw—10428 Maplemont  Rd SE

Nominated by Albert Boykiw

An easy to maintain front yard, with a comfortable family use back yard that produces amazing vegetables.”



Brian Andrews—439 Willingdon Blvd SE

Nominated by Mrs. Andrews



Sylvie Newman—607 Willow Park Place, SE

Nominated by Leslie Smith

Sylvie’s back yard is bordered with mature trees and she has planted shade-loving perennials in raised beds beneath those trees. The yard sports a large, low patio flanked by an ever-expanding sun-loving perennial bed. The yard has two sitting areas and a raspberry patch. Sylvie’s perennial choices are beautiful even when not in bloom and the group plantings make a nice effect. Her blue house colour provides a stunning backdrop for her plants, and her favourite bloom colour is blue.”



Janice and Tim Hawkings—331 Willow Ridge Place SE

Nominated by Ruth Peterson

From across the street I see beautiful flower beds with annuals, perennials and shrubs showing colour from early May to October. There are flower beds all around the house and interesting vegetables in the back. I like to take my friends to show them the garden.”



Sonja Engbrecht—10748 Maplecreek Dr. SE

Nominated by Roger Crowe

This yard showcases what one person who really has a passion for gardening can do. Sonja has designed, landscaped, planted and maintains this yard with no outside help; no professional involvement or landscapers were used in the creation of this result.”



Clare Boulanger—10407 Maplemont Rd SE

Nominated by Tess Beaton

Roses! Roses! Roses! This yard is flourishing with every kind of blossom imaginable. Neither your eyes, nor your nose will be disappointed spending hours in this beautiful oasis.”



Laurie McLeod

Nominated by Donna Gilbert

This yard is so well kept.   The design is equally functional for their children or for adults.   It is a pleasure to walk by and we all enjoy this yard.”






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