WillowRidge Community Garden Guidelines

WillowRidge Community Garden Guidelines

  1. I understand that neither the garden members nor owners of the land are responsible for my actions. I therefore agree to hold them harmless for any liability, damage, loss or claim that occurs in connection with the use of the garden by my guests or me.  I will respect other gardeners’ rights and not cause actions detrimental to other renters.
  2. I (or an alternate gardener) will visit and care for my garden at least once a week during the gardening season.
  3. I will take responsibility for any non-gardeners accompanying me to the site and ensure that children are supervised.  I will not bring my dog, cat, pet snake or any other animal to the garden unless arranged with Garden Coordinator in advance (e.g. for pest control).
  4. I will deal with insect and weed infestations quickly and organically to prevent spread to other plots. I will strictly adhere to organic gardening principles and not use insecticides, pesticides or herbicides on the site. I will refrain from organic or inorganic fertilizers that produce salts and do not decompose. I will not put any weeds, meat or dairy products into the compost with the exception of bone / blood meal.
  5. I will properly maintain the plot and common areas assigned to me and restrict crops which grow over 4 ft in height.  I will keep all pathways and areas surrounding my plot clear of obstructions. I will build my own supports to keep peas, beans and any large plants from growing over the edges of my bed.
  6. My plot will be considered abandoned if it is not planted by June 1.  A bed will also be considered abandoned if it is growing weeds, has not been watered or contains plants that are significantly spreading over the edge of the beds. The rental fee will not be returned to me. Abandoned plots will be used to produce crops for distribution to charities.
  7. I am aware that this tenancy agreement covers a maximum time period of May 1 to October 1 of this calendar year.
  8. I agree to keep the tools from the garden clean and return them to their assigned spot in the garden shed or shelves on the patio, with the exception of watering cans which may remain near taps.
  9. I will tidy up my plot no later than October 1. Failure to clear plot may result in decline of future rental.
  10. I will not leave any garbage, weeds, or refuse of any kind in the garden area. I will dispose of all organic material into the composter provided as per instructions posted.
  11. Our community garden requires volunteer efforts during the season.  I understand I will participate in at least three volunteer tasks per plot rental during the season.  All new gardeners will be assigned two dates on the Composting Team.
  12. Our garden plots will be 15 years old and are in need of replacement. From now forward, all garden members are part of the Upgrade Team. Prior to season opening, gardeners will meet to repair or rebuild plots. Once repairs are complete, plots will be open to plant. We are looking for continued reconstruction assistance.

Failure to comply with these conditions will void the plot rental agreement and prevent the renter from using the garden in this and/or future years.

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