Civic Affairs

So…. Many of you might ask – “What is the role of the Civic Affairs Director?” or perhaps “ What does a Community Association Civic Affairs Director, do for me?”. 

Let me answer by first saying what we DON’T DO. The Civic Affairs Director doesn’t – 

  • Become involved in Neighbor-to-Neighbor zoning or building permit disputes. 
  • Intervene in By-Law disputes (with the City or Neighbors). 
  • Become involved in political issues. 


Your Community Association Civic Affairs Director, will – 

  • Track and Monitor as well as Contribute to the City of Calgary’s Area and Regional Development Planning for both, positive or negative impacts upon the community. Examples might be: 
  • The Anderson LRT Station Re-Development Plans 
  • Traffic Routing and related issues 
  • Track and Monitor as well as Contribute to City Wide issues like –  
  • Revised Residential Speed Zones 
  • Permitting – Secondary Suites, Cannabis Outlets, Liquor Outlets 
  • Stampede / Arena / Business Development Zones 
  • Track and Monitor as well as Contribute to the planning for Shopping Centre, Business Complex or Leisure land development issues within or in areas surrounding our community. 

In short – The Community Civic Affairs Director “watches your back” to ensure the continued, positive development for our community.  

Should there be any issues, or events that you feel we should become involved in, please e-mail us, or call the Community Association office and let us know. 

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