Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2021-2027

It is with great pleasure that we present you the Willow Ridge Community Association’s (WRCA) 2021-2027 strategic plan. This plan will help you and our broader stakeholder group understand how the WRCA will achieve its two strategic priorities for the coming years: Rebuild the Community Experience and Build Internal Capabilities.

The WRCA is responsible for creating and sustaining communities in our two neighbourhoods: Maple Ridge and Willow Park. It does so by providing relevant programs, events, and services with care and safety in mind. Our north star is to serve our community, and as a team, we take our responsibilities with prudence and passion. For this reason, we kept the interests and needs of our community at the center of our strategic planning process.

As part of this process, the Strategy Committee reviewed the WRCA’s vision, mission, and values. Updates were made to ensure that its purpose statements and values are a true reflection of the role it performs in our community. We synthesized the former guiding principles into six core values which are aligned with how we aspire to operate and interact as a team and with our stakeholders on a continuous basis. Together, they provide an effective direction for the organization as it launches into its journey to achieve its two strategic priorities.

Significant internal and external studies have been performed to understand the needs and priorities of the community and how the WRCA can operate with resilience to deliver on its mandate. Our strategic plan takes into consideration the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, and factors in the ever-important element of safety in our operations going forward.

The board will work towards the strategic priorities and as a team we will monitor, measure, and report upon on a specific set of key performance indicators on an annual basis. These indicators demonstrate accountability to our community, keep our volunteer board and staff engaged, and ensure that our planned objectives and action plans remain relevant and meaningful.

We invite you to review this strategic plan, get inspired to collaborate, and help make our community a great place to live for years to come.