WIllow Ridge Community Association – Civic Affairs

Residents of Maple Ridge and Willow Park,

Many of you have joined the conversation regarding the City of Calgary Planning Department's proposed ‘Guidebook for Great Communitiess’. There has been significant input to Calgary City Council over the three days of hearings, including a submission from WRCA Board Director for Civic Affairs, Greg Humphreys.

Greg took our message to Council, (read our message here))  which expressed our concerns over the process. He advised that we (WRCA) cannot endorse the Guidebook Planning Bylaw, as there are serious concerns over its content and its development processes.

The City of Calgary has agreed with our position (along with many other communities) and has sent City Administration back to the Planning and Urban Development Committee to either improve the message, and/or improve the Bylaw.

Maple Ridge and Willow Park have for years been on the periphery of inner-city development bylaw controversies, as we have been outside of the affected zones. However, the zones are now reaching further out, and we are now considered a Legacy or Heritage community. Changes that previously affected only the city core, now affect Maple Ridge and Willow Park.

The WRCA Board is reforming our committees and we would welcome any new volunteers that would like to learn more about proposed changes, or to participate with our Civic Affairs portfolio. Your WRCA Board is only able to support community residents if you support the Board and participate in our Committees. Please join in and learn more about the City of Calgary’s growth plans and how they will affect you and your property.

E-mail us at , or to Greg at