President’s Message – November

After two years of community-led work, the playground on 99th avenue should now be renewed for another generation of children to enjoy.  The project would not be possible without the support of our community volunteers, the City of Calgary, Parks Foundation Calgary, and our local businesses who supported the playground build – ARC Resources, Tops […]

Open House with Dialog

If you could replace the baseball diamond at our Community Association, what would you do? A skatepark? Another rink? Maybe some shade from an urban forest? Parkour park? BBQ shelters? An urban farm? Some more grass? Maybe another baseball diamond? Our current baseball diamond has been a fixture of our CA fields for decades, but […]

President’s Message – October

Let’s talk about our trees.  Our trees are a vital part of our neighbourhood; they provide shade, beauty, and have been integral to our neighbourhood identity for decades.  Unfortunately, many of the mature trees that make up our beloved tree canopy are now dying off due to a combination of age, drought, and disease.  Many of […]

Unity Through Community Benches

Recently you may have noticed the installation of 5 new benches within the Willow Ridge community and 3 picnic tables in the field behind the community hall. These aesthetically pleasing additions not only provide comfortable seating spots but also symbolize the strong sense of togetherness that defines our neighborhood.  These new benches were made possible […]

President’s Message – September

It’s September and once again our roads are beginning to see more traffic as school and our autumn routines begin.  Willow Ridge provides several very important traffic corridors for local businesses and neighbouring communities, which results in high volumes of traffic and an increase in road safety issues.  Over the past year our Community Association has […]

99th Ave Playground Upgrade

The children’s playground at 347 99 Avenue SE has been one of the most heavily used in the Willow Park community.  It is now almost 25 years old and is reaching the end of its useful life. The Willow Ridge Community Association is planning to redevelop and expand the playground for children 2-7 years old.   The […]

President’s Message – July

Every community and community association in Calgary has their own unique character.  As part of our community association strategy, we have decided that we want to be an association that operates a respectful and sustainable facility, but also an association that is meaningfully engaged in enriching our community.  As you walk around our neighbourhood, you […]

President’s Message – June

When you think about our Community Association, you might think about our ice rinks, tennis courts, gardens, soccer fields, events, and the programs and services found in our building.  All of those things are important parts of our Community Association, but our CA also plays an important role in community advocacy and engagement.  Over the […]

Letter to the City: Rogers Cell Phone Tower

Our Civic Affairs team took great care to compose a thoughtful and detailed letter, addressed to the City Manager, David Duckworth. Included are steps that the Community Association took regarding their concerns about the location of the cell phone tower, lack of communication or response, and suggestions on how the process could and should be […]

Volunteer of the Year 2023

Each year, our Community Association selects one volunteer whose contributions go above and beyond to help our community thrive. This year, our Volunteer of the Year was nominated by several members of our rink crew for her exemplary leadership and the hundreds of hours of work contributed towards building and maintaining one of the best […]