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Community Sign Project

People love our community, but sometimes it’s hard to know what is happening – this is a message we’ve heard over and over. Well, what better way to help us communicate on the fun events and programs at our CA than a proper building sign!? A sign is something our community association has long had on our wish list, but the expense has always put it out of reach. Our community association was therefore greatly surprised and appreciative when long-time residents, the Schreiner Family, agreed to become a keystone donor to help us realize our sign dreams. With support from the Schreiner family, we have been able to secure over half of the funding required to install a beautiful new building sign that reflects the pride and love we all have for our community. Shirley Mikolajow, a long-time volunteer with our community association, has taken point in leading the design and installation of our new sign, and we hope to have it installed this year. You can help us realize the sign of our community dreams by donating today.


For more information on how to contribute, please contact our office at 403-271-8044 or