Planning an Event?

Our community hall is a wonderful, intimate venue for your celebration needs.

With our community center renovations nearing completion, we are actively looking for long-term users. If you have a user-focused business or club that needs bright, new, air-conditioned space for your group, we have the place for you! We are also seeking short term event/rentals with discounted rates offered to our Community Members.

We can accommodate a wide range of guests for activities or functions like wedding receptions, birthday parties, showers, workshops, seminars, shows, classes and more!

Room Size Max Capacity


(Weekday )

( Weekend)
Day Rate

(Half day)
Day Rate

Full Day
Deposit Possible Usage
North Hall 11m x 16m

37’ x 52’

1924 sq ft
200 $60 $90 $500 $1,000 $500 Scouts or Guides; Art shows and exhibits; Larger AGMs; Town hall meetings; Martial arts; Dance classes
South Hall 11m x 9m

36’ x 30’

1080 sq ft
135 $50 $75 $400 $800 $300 Faith groups, Low-impact activities; Small AGMs
“Denis and Rose Herard” Room 8m x 6m

27’ x 20’

540 sq ft
15 $30 $40 $215 $430 $100 Corporate meetings; Break-out meetings; Wedding party preparations; Interviews and staff reviews; Green room
Weekdays: Monday 1am – Friday 4:59 pm; Weekends and Holidays (incl Dec 31): Friday 5 pm – Monday 1:00 am and a minimum 3 hour rental
Full Day rental: Saturday or Sunday >6 hours;      Half Day: Saturday or Sunday <6 hours, ending prior to 5:00 pm