Heritage Communities Local Growth Planning Project

The City of Calgary wants to work together to plan for future growth and redevelopment in our area.

The Willow Ridge Community Association is currently engaged in a planning project to upgrade existing City future development plans pertaining to the seven Heritage Communities.  Willow Park and Maple Ridge are part of this . The Willowridge appointed representative to this project is expected to put in at least 30 to 40 manhours of volunteer time. It is our representative’s function, along with those assigned by the other six Community boards,   to study existing plans and to make the necessary recommendations for future acceptable and positive changes. The project will be completed by next spring and the plan will then be presented to the City of Calgary planning department.   ___ Residents of the Willow Ridge community are encouraged to assist your Board Member in getting ideas across. As such, we strongly encourage you to become involved as members of the general public. Ideas, comments and plan suggestions can be shared electronically at the website address listed below.   ___ Thus far only one person from the WRCA region has responded as a member of the public. It is necessary that hundreds participate, so that all ideas are reviewed and assessed.  The result of the project plan should not be one person’s opinion, as good as it may be.  BECOME ENGAGED, please! This our opportunity to make suggestions and recommendations, to prevent complaints in the future that the public was not asked for opinions.  Contact:    https://engage.calgary.ca/heritage