Members at Large help with the operations and decisions of the board. These board members are expected to attend the monthly board meetings and help provide guidance and direction on issues or decisions before the board. If you are unsure what role you may fit into best on our board this is a good place […]


The President is in charge of leading the board, as well as oversees any fundraising operations. The president is often the primary spokesperson of the organization.

Vice President

The Vice President ensures that the board is meeting its goals through enforcing any policies and objectives. Manages the day to day operations, as well as overseeing the budgets.


The Treasurer controls the association’s money, the way it is collected, and the way that it is used. The treasurer keeps an accurate log of the financial statements of the association.


The Secretary keeps records of information, such as the minutes taken during a meeting, and other administrative tasks.

Strategy Director

The strategy director partners with all board members and stakeholders to develop an understanding of what matters most, engages in problem-solving opportunities and provides an independent perspective that is instrumental in the strategic planning process and execution of team-based projects with the goal to make progress a reality.

Casino Coordinator

The Casino Coordinator liaises with the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission and the WRCA Board to ensure all paperwork is in place to meet the AGLC’s requirements.

Sports and Recreation

The goal of the Sports and Recreation directors is to attract people to our community center through offering a variety of sports that will appeal to anyone.