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Heritage Local Area Plan

Update: November 25, 2021

Your community has changed over the years and it will continue to evolve over time. The City of Calgary is working together with communities to create a plan for the future. 

Based on community input, the draft of chapter 1 of the local area plan is now ready for your review. It outlines the area’s rich history (PAST), the area as it exists today (PRESENT), the future vision for the area and core values that support this vision (FUTURE). Share your thoughts between Nov. 22, 2021 and Jan. 4, 2022. 


Review the past, present and future highlights that have been drafted for your community’s local area plan at 


Provide your input before January 4: 

◾ online at, 

◾ by visiting a local My Idea Station (there is one out front of  our building), or 

◾ attend a virtual Q&A drop-in session and speak with a City Planner. 

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Hello neighbours,

Over the summer, the Civic Affairs team has been busy getting up to speed with reference to development planning that the city is managing.  We have attended several meetings with the city and with subgroups that consist of members of affected community associations so that we can understand where we are at as a community in this process and to learn how other associations have supported these important planning activities.


For residents interested in providing input, attending open houses, receiving updates and to learn more, please go to to sign up.  It is critical that our residents are engaged in this process because the implementation of the LAP will have long lasting impacts to Willow Park and Maple Ridge.


We wanted to provide an update for you on the Heritage Local Area Plan.  After much discussion and feedback during the City of Calgary Planning and Development meeting held in the summer to review the controversial Guidebook, the city has taken some of that critical feedback into consideration as it relates to the Heritage LAP  in addition to the feedback provided during Phase 1 Envision and provided an update in September to the Community Associations involved in the Heritage LAP.


Our Heritage LAP has completed the first stage input gathering in Phase 1 Envision (Fall 2019 to Winter 2020).  We will now move into Phase 2 Evaluate where each of us will have an opportunity to provide input and feedback on the draft plan.  The city took the information provided in Phase 1 and are using it to:


  1. Identify local attributes and amenities
  2. Draft a local area vision and core values
  3. Draft community specific identities


The draft will be provided soon and the city is planning to hold several different engagement sessions working with our community association to connect with residents about the plan.  One of the core areas of feedback during the Guidebook discussions was that the level of engagement from the city was not acceptable so they are taking action on that where we can expect to have more opportunities to make sure our questions are answered and our concerns are addressed.


We will provide more information as soon as we receive it.  Please check the website for updates in between newsletters as well as register with the city directly.


Sheri Rouse

Civic Affairs