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Our Trees Are Suffering

No doubt many of you have seen the orange “TREE REMOVAL” signs on a number of poplars in Willow Park.  The City has deemed these poplars to have either reached the end of their life or to be a danger to private property or to citizens. 

 Trees became a personal experience for my neighbours and myself on Woodbend Road in late November, where there is a small playground that is also a skating rink in the winter.  All eight of the cottonwood poplars in our playground were marked for tree removal. 

 Now – thanks to our neighbourhood – not all the poplars are coming down, at least for now.  Your calls to 311, letters to the mayor’s office, the Ward 11 councillor’s office and our Community Association have been heard loud and clear at the City of Calgary.  Thank you again!  Your letters and calls made the difference. 

 The Superintendent of Urban Forests met with our Community Association president in late November to outline the City’s plans to cull the old trees and replant new ones.  The Community Association will host an open house, together with Urban Forestry in early 2024 so we can hear more about the plan. 

 Not all the trees can be saved.  Some are too far gone and have suffered a lot of stress due to the drought over the past several years. However, some, though not perfect, still have years of life left.  Immediate clear-cuts of all the old poplars – 300 to 400 across the community – are not the answer, especially if we don’t have a clear plan for replanting. 

 So, keep an open eye on your own boulevard, green space and park.  Contact 311 when you see trees in need of pruning and maintenance.  Work with the Community Association to make sure there is a tree replacement plan for your street.  And stay tuned for updates on the open house to come. 

Gord Paynter 

WRCA Past Vice President & 

Concerned WP Resident