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Greener Grounds Initiative – Parking Lot & Field Development

In March, our CA was proud to unveil the new conceptual plan for expanding our outdoor parking, replacing our end-of-life baseball diamond, and enriching our outdoor facilities. Key enrichment ideas include expanding both parking lots, a new picnic shelter,planting trees, installing and outdoor pathway, and creating some small hills/mounds befitted with natural logs/rocks as play elements. The plan was created by Dialog Designs with funding support from Parks Foundation Calgary. Most importantly, the plan was created with input from over 100 people in our neighbourhood! We are now ready to confirm the vision and begin work. Seeing through the rebuild will be a key Community Association focus for the next few years. All in, we expect the project tocost around $500,000. You can help us realize the project in a few different ways:  

1.  CLICK HERE to review the proposed plan

2. Volunteer your time and expertise to help us as a team member  

3. Donate resources  


If you are interested in helping us out in any of these ways, reach out to me at:  


Jason Carling  

President, Willow Ridge Community Association