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Zoning Changes in our Community

In September 2023, after three days of deliberation, city of Calgary council voted 12-3 in favor of a new housing strategy. Councilor’s opposed to this strategy included Dan McLean – Ward 13, Sean Chu – Ward 4 and Peter Demong – Ward 14.

Many of you have read or otherwise heard about the City’s contemplated change to zoning whereby all residential areas of Calgary would be re-zoned on a blanket basis to R-CG zoning. The City Council will hold a Public Hearing on the proposal on April 22nd (stay tuned for more details). If implemented across Calgary, this change to zoning means that rowhouses, townhouses, multi-unit residences, single detached or semi-detached buildings could be built in Willow Park and Maple Ridge without you, your neighbours or our Community Association having any say, if the development is compliant with other City requirements respecting such matters as setbacks and height.

The Local Area Plan for Heritage Communities, of which Willow Park and Maple Ridge are part of, was updated and approved in 2023 after nearly three years of consultation. Under the revised Heritage Communities Local Area Plan, the most typical contemplated level of densification changed from RC1 to RC2.  RC2 allows two-unit development per lot, with the possibility of secondary suites. The proposed R-CG re-zoning on the other hand would allow for a much greater level of densification on individual lots in Willow Park and Maple Ridge than contemplated in the Heritage Local Area Plan. The R-CG re-zoning could easily allow eight units on a typical 50’ lot, for which two units and two secondary suites may have been permitted under the Heritage Local Area Plan, with higher density permitted on larger lots. (City link about R-CG zoning: R-CGCalgary › pda › current-projects)

This potential rezoning could have a significant impact on Willow Park and Maple Ridge, so the Willow Ridge Community Association Board will be seeking feedback from residents soon in order to finalize our position on this proposal. The community association will be hosting an Open House at the community association building Tuesday March 19th from 6:30 – 8:00 PM.

The proposal for blanket re-zoning also seems likely to receive significant media attention in the period leading up to the Public Hearing. This will offer another source of information for you as you formulate your own opinions about the pros and cons of this far-reaching potential change to zoning.

Gord Rouse

WRCA Board Member, Civic Affairs