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Open House with Dialog

If you could replace the baseball diamond at our Community Association, what would you do?
A skatepark? Another rink? Maybe some shade from an urban forest? Parkour park? BBQ shelters? An urban farm? Some more grass? Maybe another baseball diamond?
Our current baseball diamond has been a fixture of our CA fields for decades, but its popularity has waned, and it is now officially designated as end of life. We need to make a community decision as to what we will do about it.
To help us envision the future, we have partnered with Parks Foundation Calgary and Dialog Design to develop a conceptual model of what the northwest portion of our fields will look like over the years to come. We will use the conceptual model to drive community engagement, funding, and more detailed design.
To realize the vision – we need your ideas.
How you can get engaged:
  1. Come to our open house! November 10th from 6pm-8pm. Dialog will be hosting an open house at our community association. We want 50 people from our community to show up to provide input.
  2. Use this Facebook thread. I’ll engage in the chat and bring forward your ideas to Dialog and our community team.
  3. Join our Community Green Team. Our Green Team is a group of community volunteers who have worked for the past 3 years to help revitalize our green spaces, including the recent 99th avenue playground upgrade and community benches. Contact me at if this interests you!